Install Terragrunt

Download from releases page

  1. Go to the Releases Page.
  2. Downloading the binary for your operating system: e.g., if you’re on a Mac, download terragrunt_darwin_amd64; if you’re on Windows, download terragrunt_windows_amd64.exe, etc.
  3. Rename the downloaded file to terragrunt.
  4. Add execute permissions to the binary. E.g., On Linux and Mac: chmod u+x terragrunt.
  5. Put the binary somewhere on your PATH. E.g., On Linux and Mac: mv terragrunt /usr/local/bin/terragrunt.

Install via a package manager

Note that all the different package managers are third party.The third party Terragrunt packages may not be updated with the latest version, but are often close. Please check your version against the latest available on the Releases Page. If you want the latest version, the recommended installation option is to download from the releases page.

  • Windows: You can install Terragrunt on Windows using Chocolatey: choco install terragrunt.

  • macOS: You can install Terragrunt on macOS using Homebrew: brew install terragrunt.

  • Linux: Most Linux users can use Homebrew: brew install terragrunt. Arch Linux users can use pacman -S terragrunt to install it community-terragrunt.

  • FreeBSD: You can install Terragrunt on FreeBSD using Pkg: pkg install terragrunt.