Auto-Retry is a feature of terragrunt that will automatically address situations where a terraform command needs to be re-run.

Terraform can fail with transient errors which can be addressed by simply retrying the command again. In the event terragrunt finds one of these errors, the command will be re-run again automatically.


$ terragrunt apply
Initializing provider plugins...
- Checking for available provider plugins on
Error installing provider "template": error fetching checksums: Get net/http: TLS handshake timeout.

Terragrunt sees this error, and knows it is a transient error that can addressed by re-running the apply command.

auto-retry will try a maximum of three times to re-run the command, at which point it will deem the error as not transient, and accept the terraform failure. Retries will occur when the error is encountered, pausing for 5 seconds between retries.

Known errors that auto-retry will rerun, are maintained in the TerragruntOptions.RetryableErrors array. Future upgrades to terragrunt may include the ability to configure auto-retry by specifying additional error strings and configuring max retries and retry intervals the terragrunt config (PRs welcome!).

To disable auto-retry, use the --terragrunt-no-auto-retry command line option or set the TERRAGRUNT_AUTO_RETRY environment variable to false.