Terraform Version Compatibility Table


Supported Terraform Versions

The officially supported versions are:

Terraform Version Terragrunt Version
1.4.x >= 0.45.0
1.3.x >= 0.40.0
1.2.x >= 0.38.0
1.1.x >= 0.36.0
1.0.x >= 0.31.0
0.15.x >= 0.29.0
0.14.x >= 0.27.0
0.13.x >= 0.25.0
0.12.x 0.19.0 - 0.24.4
0.11.x 0.14.0 - 0.18.7

However, note that these are the versions that are officially tested in the CI process. In practice, the version compatibility is more relaxed than documented above. For example, we’ve found that Terraform 0.13 works with any version above 0.19.0, and we’ve also found that terraform 0.11 works with any version above 0.19.18 as well.

If you wish to use Terragrunt against an untested Terraform version, you can use the terraform_version_constraint (introduced in Terragrunt v0.19.18) attribute to relax the version constraint.